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subQtaneous-- update

This album is taking forever to wrap, I know.

Just got some vocals in from Gaetan... I smoothed em out a little bit, then I'll be taking them over to mysterylodge's place, hopefully with voxx from one other track w/ Gaetan, and possibly some cello and voxx for Wake Up from choronzon333 should he choose to... Mixing, pre-master mastering... Then give that master CD a run through the hardware unit Gaetan has to see if it improves the sound or not.

I'm guessing all of that can be done in 2 weeks, though the way things have been going, it could be more like a month. The release of the album at this point ties into another plot I have brewing... so it might be a little while until it is fully distributed. I've reconsidered releasing the entire album as mp3 though I will make a bunch of the final mp3s available for free. I will probably set up a temporary POD solution for those who want to have a copy to hold in their hands and caress before the full 'roll out.'

Anyway, here's an early mix of that track, now titled Out Of Control.

The production process for this track went something like this --
Early percussion and guitars were sent to me by mindcube, I then laid down a bunch of percussion and tracked guitars along with his, mysterylodge laid down bass, we did some early mixing, sent that mix to Gaetan... he'd been working 15 hour days 7 days a week at the Troc for 40odd days straight, so it took him a while to get them back to me... but it did finally come in. And I think it's going to be pretty kickass. If we can clean up a little of the white noise in the guitars (while still keeping the 'NIN wall of noise' effect) and pump it a bit I think it might make a good radio single, especially given the length.
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